Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Monday, September 9, 2013

The Bridal Party...Hannah Ellis & Kaleb Jones....Mr. and Mrs. Jones!
An Elegant Southern Vintage Wedding
If you or someone you love said yes, you will enjoy the ideas behind this lovely summer wedding. Down the aisle, to the dance floor, right to the get away car, this elegant southern wedding had all the elements of breathtaking style.
Dad and daughter getting ready to step into the carriage ...on the way to the altar!

The couple chose to do a   "painting" as part of their ceremony.  Two paint colors were draped acoss the canvas to create a new beginning.

"Oh Happy Day"

the musicians....bagpipes and acoustic guitar

a prayer during the service


very serious flower girl

the cake awaits

favors of handmade soaps