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Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Friday, June 5, 2020

Kayak Party Planning

Lori Sparkman photography

According to Hollywood, Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties have a wild raucous reputation ...
but parties seem to be a bit different
 as lots of soon-to-be-weds 
opt for a more acceptable style of partying these days. 

Whether Little Rock is home for you or you just want to make it a Destination Wedding Party, you can plan a perfect Party Weekend and one that will make you want to come back for another trip to Little Rock and Rock Town River Outfitters.  

 A trip on the Arkansas River should be on 
everyones bucket list especially 
when you are trying to make a 
successful and memorable trip
 for a few of your closest 
friends and family. 

This party will be fun and appropriate for 
even dad to tag along, 
especially if dad is the Best Man.

 A trip through downtown Little Rock 
might not have been on your radar before, 
but Rock Town River Outfitters 
will make sure it is the perfect way 
to send off a groom into happily ever after. 

 Relax and laid back..catching up with friends...

Typically the Best Man is the one responsible
 for planning a fun last night out with the boys, 
and a kayak trip does not have to kill the budget.

 It is really especially nice if all of the friends
 don't know each other well...
they will have an easy time getting to know
 each other on the river with this kind of a party. 

 The highlight of the evening might be a Sunset Tour
 ending in the city lights of downtown Little Rock. 

 Both boats and people 
are dressed in lights too for safety. 

 A few instructions make it easy 
for beginners and novice paddlers 
before leaving the dock.

If there is still time to make the whole weekend a party, 
bike rentals and biking the Arkansas River trail is an easy plan.  Located in the downtown River Market 
right on the River Trail !
Lori Sparkman Photography
Rock Town River Outfitters has been featured 
in many magazine articles along the way
 as it is so creative, relaxing, and simply fun. 

 The lights on Little Rock bridges
 are spectacular at night. 

 Not all Bachelor parties are just "the guys" 
for seemingly co-ed parties are becoming popular 
and this party will be fun for both
 the guys and the gals!

Bachelorette party? The girls like to kayak too!

This is not a sponsored post, but the owner 
is our son and I might be a little proud of him!

for more info. 

 Making sure the groom has a good time, 
he won't be tempted to pull out
 the cell phone except for pictures!

Favors for your favorite people !
Note to the groom....For a memorable keepsake and groomsmen gift, a RTRO tee shirt is just perfect!

for more Kayak Tour info . 
Party planning made easy...A no fail inspiring party with Rock Town River Outfitters! 


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