Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Preserving Bridal Flowers

While we are all working on getting back to, or simply finding a new normal, I think it is a good time to do some wedding planning for the future! 

 Flowers are a big part of wedding day especially the Brides Bouquet.  I have been asked in the past how to preserve a bridal bouquet after the wedding   The photos many capture the sweetness but really a bouquet is an investment piece. 

Today I am sharing someone who can preserve  sentimental flowers for years to come. A piece of jewelry, or a piece of hanging art ..each preserved art piece  is different.

 I am sharing a local friend who has the shop  

 Erin Pierce is a delight and offers many ways 
to enjoy your bridal bouquet for years to come.

Sentimental?  I sure am! 
  How sweet these would be to give as a Christmas gift
or a thank you gift 
to your mother or new Mother in Law.
A floral hoop of pressed flowers preserved ...

I love these earrings!

Seems like there are so many options
 to preserving your wedding flowers...

Here is the link again...  The Organized Chaos Colletcion 

Aren't these wonderful?

Some bouquets are large and some are small...
but each one is perfect. 

Sentimental ...that's me. This bouquet was made from 
family members vintage broaches...
how sweet to have each family member share in your bouquet. 

A framed and preserved bouquet

Some just take my breath away!

I am sharing a real find, 
for while many things at your wedding 
will be long gone after the big day,
 your flowers don't have to be! 

Thank you for visiting and following ...
comment and let me know
 if you preserved your wedding flowers. 
(This was not a sponsored post, I just thought you would like to know )
Happy Wedding Planning and love to all of   you!

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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Happy Memorial Day dear friends! 

Although we have been staying in, and staying home
 it seems that love is still in the air !  

It has been tough on so many of our brides to reschedule
 their wedding but I think it has made us all 
appreciate the little things so much more. 

My cup runneth over &  I can't wait to get back
to doing what we love sharing
 a very special day with couples 
who pass through our gates. 

I have had time to appreciate some of the lovely pictures from weddings past 
and all of the little details that make our weddings so memorable. 

We have had the honor of sharing in the day of Health Care Workers, 
First Responders and Military Heros...never knowing how different 
their life, and ours would be.

In discussing with our upcoming brides I think they all have come to 
realize "quality over quantity" for it is the pictures 
that you have to keep your memories alive after the day is over.

 A great photographer is priceless. 

It is all the little details...Focusing on what 
is really important in planning your day

No matter large or small, organizing a wedding
 is most important for your important day! 
  Flowers, Cake, the dress, the food, 
the d├ęcor and transportation…all needing a clear sense of your vision, 
so it won’t look like it is just thrown together. 
Planning time is never wasted time!

Love is patient love is kind, it always protects, always trusts,
 always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.
                        1 Corinthians 13:4 7-8

And the two shall become one.
                        Ephesians 5:31 

I look forward to the weddings in our future  
and we will appreciate all of these days a little bit more.

Lori Sparkman Photography

I hope you are all okay, I hope those you love
are safe and well, and I hope you’re 
weathering this storm with your family. 
What an unprecedented time.   

My cup runneth over & 
Wishing you a joy-filled Memorial Day weekend ...hugs! 

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Saturday, May 2, 2020

Front Porch Wedding

Front porch weddings might be trending as the coronavirus seems to take hold and cause a lot of couples to rethink their wedding as originally planned. 

 Recently we hosted a "Plan B" wedding for a very special Magnolia Hill bride who is a hero in her own right as a member of the National Guard.

“The National Guard is fully involved at the local, state, and federal level in the planning and execution of the nation’s response to COVID-19,” 
a National Guard Bureau spokesperson said in the release.  
“At the national level, Guard members are training personnel on COVID-19 response, identifying and preparing National Guard facilities for use as isolation housing, and compiling state medical supply inventories,” the release continued. “National Guard personnel will provide assistance to the states that include logistical support, disinfection/cleaning, activate/conduct transportation of medical personnel, call center support, and meal delivery."  

Our hero National Guard bride Maria and her fiance´ Santiago, chose to go ahead and postpone the wedding with all friends and family to instead,  have a simple sweet Front Porch Wedding.

 We rallied around our "hero" and gave her an intimate wedding with only parents and immediate family to watch safely from a distance. 

On the table a Bible 
and hand sanitizer...what a sign of the times!

The Arkansas National Guard has soldiers and airmen on state active duty performing a variety of missions in support of the Arkansas Department of Health, the Arkansas Division of Emergency Management, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

The groom nervously twirls the ring and awaits for his bride...

Beautiful Maria arrives with a handful of white roses and the marriage license in hand. 

Vows and rings are exchanged on the front porch under Buddy's direction.

Photographer Lori Sparkman graciously 
agreed to catch it all even if from a distance 
with her camera and artful eye. 

Mr. and Mrs..."You may now kiss your bride!"

To bless the new marriage ceremony, a basket of white doves were released ...

Family stood nearby with their cameras 
ready to snap and capture the dove release. 
 All Less than 10 people!

Buddy signed the marriage license on the front porch and made it all official.

Since our 102 year old home is on the 
National Historic Register, 
I wonder if this is the first wedding
 on this southern style front porch. 

 It surely is under these conditions! 

 Arkansas Guardsmen are supporting 12 active missions as part of the state’s COVID-19 response efforts. 

Glancing down at new rings...

Hugs from dad

Our hearts were full as this couple bursting with love 
got married on our front porch.  

Monday morning back to work protecting us all...

 Watching this wedding from afar and 
knowing that this member of the National Guard 
can pull off a stunning wedding 
in a Sunday afternoon...all on the front porch. 

Congratulations ! 

“‘I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord,
 ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, to give you hope and a future.’
Jeremiah 29:11