Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Closer Look...Christmas on the Porch

When I was a child, my grandmother used to tell me that a front porch was a postcard that gave a glimpse of who lived inside the house. Back then, I was not quite sure what grandmother meant.  But now, years later, I see the front porch as my grandmother did. 

The porches in my life have been important threads in my family tapestry.  They were where the greetings and partings of family and friends took place.  Our time on the porch bound us together and I imagine our front porch in a rather old-fashioned manner, transforming it into an outdoor living room as people used to do before the days of television and air conditioners.  

Over the years of living in our house, I've collected stories and ideas about making the front porch special.  While the old adage about fences making good neighbors is probably true, I prefer to think that porches make good friends. 

Especially this Christmas season, I invite and welcome you to my front porch.

I think perhaps of all the seasons on the porch, winter is my favorite.  Above, a monogram personalizes a cheery wreath welcome at my door.

Our front porch is filled with greenery of Christmas-   pine, boxwood, juniper, fir, holly, cedar and of course....magnolia!

"Don we now our gay apparel..." The words of this favorite carol 
can be applied to our porch as velvet ribboned hurricanes light the 
stone entryway as the evening hours fade into darkness.  

"It is Christmas in the heart that puts Christmas in the air."
- W.T. Ellis

Fresh evergreens with silver birds, twigs, and bright red 
amaryllis offer a welcome in an antique concrete urn. 

My friend Ruth, remembered our antique sleigh down at the barn.  
She surprised me with a vintage thermos, sign and tartan red plaid blanket.

Black & white checked ribbon intertwined with fresh evergreen branches and red berries 
embellish a lantern for Santa and his tree. 

The past is brought to life as timeworn cobblestones on the porch columns
 come alive with red plaid ribbon.

To properly fill garden urns, fit them with watertight liners 
and plenty of floral foam.

Look closely and you will see a birds nest tucked in among the greens.  
I love our real birds in the aviary and work the theme into our Christmas trimmings. 

Beyond the traditional elements of Christmas, Buddy's red Chevy truck 
makes its way onto the porch. 

 A few more bright red truck welcoming accents 

Drive by at night to see Buddy's truck all aglow.

My grandparents were farmers...cotton farmers. 
As a nod to our heritage, we always have to have a bit of cotton in our decor. 

A few more red trucks !

Toss a blanket over your lap and enjoy a swing on the porch even in the winter.  
Bring a toasty cup of cocoa out to the front porch and listen to the quiet of winter - the creak of snow laden branches; the soft dripping of icicles; the sound of animals padding across the yard. Or simply be still and take in the quiet. 

The colors and textures seem to compliment each other 
on my bakers' rack with warmth and sweetness. 

Vintage wedding cake toppers from the 1940's are under glass and part of our white porch decor
 with white vases, more greenery and a bit of cotton.

                                               A vintage 1977 plate offers a sentiment...
                                 "All hearts go home for Christmas, for love is always there."

A delicate detailed display of deer on a silver tray are some of my childhood treasures. 

The deer inspiration adds a bit of coziness and 
Christmas cheer to a corner skirted table on the porch.

These stone steps leading up to the porch are quite special on their own. For a hundred years they have served as a stage for hellos, good-byes, hugs and kisses.  During the spring, summer and fall, weddings begin here as a bride steps out the front door, preparing to walk down the aisle and start a new life together.

But winter....During the bustling holidays, we eagerly await friends and family and those we love making the traditional journey home.

"Hellos, Good-bye's, Hugs, and Kisses" ...come in and get warm.
...Christmas on the porch !