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Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Sunday, November 24, 2019

Last Hurrah for Fall

Happy weekend! 
Thanksgiving is almost here and we have so much to be thankful for.
What a fabulous fall we had this year...I am sad to see it go!   

Once the record breaking summer heat broke, 
our fall has seemed to last about 20 minutes. 

Buddy gets up early and feeds our horses early in the morning. 
He enjoys watching the morning fog break.

Blue and Delilah are always hungry and they
 are beginning to put on their thick winter coats.

The weather went from HOT October to cold mornings on the farm.
 A heavy dew looks almost like snow.

The serene fog rises and lingers on the lake 
as the water is still warm and the air is cool. 

Early mornings with beautiful and crisp weather leading up to Thanksgiving. 

Watching the leaves turn...Still the leaves on the trees are gorgeous 
as color around the lake is at its' peak in November. 

I am still enjoying the colors of fall before the red and green of Christmas. 

Buddy really surprised me with a box delivered 
for our November wedding anniversary too!

He knew I loved Mackenzie-Childs and this enamel pitcher
 would be perfect to hold flowers in my kitchen. 

He took a hint from the black and white colors on our patio.

Of course I could not wait to fill with fall roses and "pumpkin Tree"  twigs.
 Perfect for our kitchen table.

But this is what I love about fall most of all...getting to share it with those I love. 

Thankful & grateful with 
Warm hugs,