Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fall Inspired Goodness

Those fall centers are full of them now, but I have put off buying them while the weather is so hot. It is now September, and that
 says fall to me even if the temperature outside did not hear that!

It is easy to elevate a black plastic pot from the nursery with a silver champagne bucket.

Summer ferns still drink heavily are are getting weepy, but I love them on the front porch along with some white mums in the urn.   Yellow mums in the olive bucket brighten up the front flower bed.

It is hard to keep fresh water in the birdbath with hardly any rain, so it serves
 as a display for more yellow mums and gourds.

On the side porch a bit of fall foliage is tucked in the urn.

Our house is painted the same color it was in 1918, the year it was built. Living in a "red" house seems to be a easy backdrop when we add a bit of color with more bright yellow mums.  I  use the traditional fall colors of orange, rust, or yellow for a traditional nod to fall. 

I am still waiting for the array of tree colors you see just before 
the earth bursts forth in its riotous autumn color palette.  The rusty table was my fathers. It was always just outside his carpenter workshop.

The days are getting shorter and that means that the candle light gets brighter. 
Gathering vintage dishes for decor, as we are super busy around her 
getting ready for fall weddings pulling out treasures.
 Fall colors...   I love them on the trees and in flowerbeds! But in weddings I prefer to be more subtle. Still, I enjoy a fall look and the use of some fall colors. I just like them better when the look is soft and tranquil. 

Happy Wednesday friends...

Monday, September 9, 2019

Elegant Fall Velvet Pumpkins

It is my favorite season...fall!  Even though the weather is no cooperating with cooler temps I thought I would encourage it by adding a few creative touches with my velvet pumpkins.

Fall inspiration is easy to find when I bring out my velvet pumpkins. I used things I already had so it was easy to add touches of fall thoughout the house today. The foyer antique table is full of fall textures & goodness. The crystal bowls hold votive candles to flicker and I can never have too many candles. This tablescape was easy...and did not take all day! 

Some pumpkins were made extra special by adding an antique broach.
 Easy & simple to add a designer touch.

I am celebrating the coming of fall with easy arrangements
and candles as inspired by the harvest season.

Tucking in here and there touches of fall and velvet pumpkins.
A few treasures from the yard make great additions to a centerpiece.
A pumpkin spice candle burning in a crystal vase..smells of fall.

On the mantle...I have to keep a collection of hurricane lamps,
for our electricity goes out from time to time.  They really take us back
to another romantic time, and put out quite a bit of light when needed.

Sometimes they are just nice to light on the mantle when it is still too warm for a fire.

The copperplate engraving print over the fireplace is quite special and sentimental.
Buddy, my husband surprised me with this antique print..."Waiting on the Carriage". 

As the days grow shorter, the tiny lights `elevate the mantle.
Velvet pumpkins are tucked into tiny lights, greenery and my white pottery collection.

A Mark Roberts "Pumpkin Man" hangs onto
 a silver epergne and another velvet pumpkin.

A tiny vintage cameo is on the velvet pumpkin in the hallway.
 A mix of gold and silver lends to a softer look.

It is hard to take a good picture in my dining room for there is little natural light with
the stained glass windows.
It looks like the farmers basket of fall goodness spilled out in abundance
 for this big statement centerpiece.
The dining table is where I meet with brides over a glass of peach tea,
 so I am excited to share
a glimpse of festive fall in my home.

Thank you all so much for stopping by the blog today
to see that I am not letting hot weather stand in my way!