Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fall Inspired Goodness

Those fall centers are full of them now, but I have put off buying them while the weather is so hot. It is now September, and that
 says fall to me even if the temperature outside did not hear that!

It is easy to elevate a black plastic pot from the nursery with a silver champagne bucket.

Summer ferns still drink heavily are are getting weepy, but I love them on the front porch along with some white mums in the urn.   Yellow mums in the olive bucket brighten up the front flower bed.

It is hard to keep fresh water in the birdbath with hardly any rain, so it serves
 as a display for more yellow mums and gourds.

On the side porch a bit of fall foliage is tucked in the urn.

Our house is painted the same color it was in 1918, the year it was built. Living in a "red" house seems to be a easy backdrop when we add a bit of color with more bright yellow mums.  I  use the traditional fall colors of orange, rust, or yellow for a traditional nod to fall. 

I am still waiting for the array of tree colors you see just before 
the earth bursts forth in its riotous autumn color palette.  The rusty table was my fathers. It was always just outside his carpenter workshop.

The days are getting shorter and that means that the candle light gets brighter. 
Gathering vintage dishes for decor, as we are super busy around her 
getting ready for fall weddings pulling out treasures.
 Fall colors...   I love them on the trees and in flowerbeds! But in weddings I prefer to be more subtle. Still, I enjoy a fall look and the use of some fall colors. I just like them better when the look is soft and tranquil. 

Happy Wednesday friends...


  1. Love all your Fall decor!! I needed some inspiration to decorate! This hot weather makes it hard to get in the mood!!!

  2. Hello Alda, such a cool name, a pleasure to meet you. Your porch looks quite lovely. Love your vignettes too. Very classy look using the silver champagne bucket for flowers. A pleasure visiting.

    1. thank you so much Linda...kind words are so appreciated....hugs!