Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Monday, December 10, 2018

A Little Bit of Christmas

After I finally thawed out from the cold this weekend, 
I wanted to share a glimpse of our Christmas decor. 
 So many families came for pictures with our red truck
 and enjoyed a sunshine but COLD day.

Lori Sparkman Photography

This sweet fellow just melts my heart!

100 years...that is how old we are!  

Driving through the front gates, Miss Magnolia wears her winter scarf.

Several of the families that came for pictures had been married here. 

The boat house wears twinkle lights all year long.

Buddy kept a roaring bonfire for us to warm up by.

The "Wedding Crashers" had to swim 
and check out the Christmas tree in the wooden dory boat.

The red tuck looks so cheery with Christmas lights. 

We have wedding planning meetings during the holidays, 
so the front porch is decked out and ready for guests. 

The kitchen gets a splash of Christmas too.

One hundred years ago, kitchens were rather small. 
As if stepping back in time, 
our kitchen is all original.
Since we are on the Historic Register it still seems to work. 

Silver gets a fresh polish this time of year.

The breakfast table window is filled with photos from Christmas past. 

Most family and friends
 come in our laundry room door on the back porch, 
so we have a splash of Santa there too. 

The wooden  Christmas tree filled with suckers is from my children's past 
and now gets to be enjoyed by their little ones. 

My vintage Santa mugs are perfect for this little table....It stays ready for a party!

More family photos this afternoon..not quite so cold and the sun is shining! 
 This wonderful old estate is made to share the past with the present. 

I will be ready to warm up by a cozy fire again tonight! 
Thanks for stopping by...
 Hope you all are enjoying this Christmas season !