Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Spring Bridal Portrait Season

Spring is just the perfect time for Bridal Portraits. 
I feel so blessed to walk out my back door and 
see all of God's handiwork...
which here at Magnolia Hill, Spring is a time for portraits! 

Ornate benches are ideal for a day of spring day's dreaming. 

The spring lake is so pretty and it is no secret 
we love to work with great photographers.
 Actual wedding days are so jam packed, 
that it is a calming feeling to get a portrait 
in your dress with no one around.
 It is a perfect time to try hair and makeup for the big day.

For a portrait session wear comfortable shoes 
as there may be lots of walking. 
Most of the time, the shoes
 do not show in the portrait.

Our historic dogwood tree
 is always in bloom by Easter. 
Look high up in the treetops too, for there 
is the wild purple wisteria that blooms 
profusely in the tree tops.

Perfect for a bridal portrait...

Looking closely, each petal cluster
 is shaped like a cross with two longer petals 
and two shorter ones.
 A crown of thorns is in the center
 and "blood stained" tips with
 nail scars on each petal.

The dogwood is seen from afar 
even with azaleas showing off their colors. 

Spring was quite cool this year and 
we burned our wood burning 
outdoor patio stove for warmth.

The Red Bud trees seemed to bloom early this year.

 They frame a bridal portrait session nicely.

The days getting longer, most portrait sessions
 are late afternoon and early evening 
after the sun goes down.

Gathering the spirit of Spring's soft beauty, 
I picked some wisteria and dogwood for the table
 and placed it in a vintage crock, as it smelled so delightful.  

From across the lake, as if from another era,
 the dogwood
 and the wisteria are blooming
 with a timeless point of view.

Covered in wisteria blooms, 
the dock on the water creates
 a cozy room draped with the dripping blooms
 pouring over the rails. 

Our private country house is found inspiration
 for photographers for our house 
was built in 1918 but only three families
 have lived in it previously. It is a house 
people moved to stay. It has always been 
a place that is loved by the families 
who lived here. The house is wonderful, 
but the location is also quite special. 
Life is newness and
 ever changing when you live by the water.

Friends meet, where memories live, and where LOVE grows.
Happy Spring to you....

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