Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Monday, December 1, 2014

The Guest Book

The Guest Book

            Instead of pen and paper guest book, think about a way to personalize your guest’s signature for keeping and remembering who attended your wedding. If you ask your mother, she will probably tell you that she had a guest book and pen as everyone who entered the church foyer signed his or her name. After the wedding the guest book was most likely never opened again and placed in a drawer for safe keeping. Oh my, how tradition has changed!

            The custom of having guests sign around a framed photo has been around forever. Pictures from an engagement session that are made into a book with pages for guests to sign create an interesting keepsake. A fun twist on that is to snap a Polaroid picture of each guest, secure it in a blank book and have them write a short note to the bride and groom.
            Of course it does not have to be a Guest “Book” at all…maybe it is a boat oar for guests to sign if you love the water. Smooth stones displayed in a vase to be used as a décor piece in your new home will have both meaning and memories. Set up a vintage typewriter and allow guests to type words of advice to the bride and groom. How much fun will it be to read through all of the typed notes after the wedding? 

Smooth stones are easy to sign with a felt tip pen.

 A favorite guestbook lately has been to have guests sign fabric squares with a permanent marker. Someone who loves you very much may then make the squares into a quilt!
A log slice becomes a keepsake when sanded extra smooth and signed with a felt tip pen.

Monogram Wedding Quilt Signature Guest Book by WaterPenny on Etsy,

            Search and find a guestbook that fits your personality. A football fan groom asked for a non-traditional guest book by bringing a football and sign:  “In lieu of a traditional guest book please leave your autograph on THE FOOTBALL to remind us of your celebrated presence here today.”  An English teacher chose her favorite book, Emily Brontë's Wuthering Heights and asked guests to sign a page. An airplane pilot groom asked guests to sign a vintage wooden propeller.   

            Check on line stores for a large monogram letter and have your guests sign. Later, the initial may serve as a sentimental piece of décor in your new home.  Or check the Dollar store for an oval white platter. Guests sign with a permanent marker. After it is baked in the oven, the signatures are permanent. Propped up on an easel, the platter is a most memorable décor item for your new home. 
            After the wedding, let your guest book be a part of your new home and not found tucked away in a drawer!