Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Boathouse and a Water View

There is something about water that seems to draw people near. 
The sun sets behind our mountain and lake, 
and just a few steps from The Farmhouse, Buddy has built a Boathouse.   
The sun goes down, and the twinkle lights come on. 

Last week, we had company from Dallas, a friend I had not seen in years....While passing through, he wanted to stop and say hi, but more than anything, just to walk around the lake. 
Over 60 years passed, and as a young boy, he had been fishing here with his dad.  
A walk around the lake helped to relive a few moments in time with his father.  
He remembered an old barn and was quite surprised 
with our Farmhouse and Boathouse.

The Porch on The Farmhouse is lit up for a reception. 

Just a few steps away from the reception is The Boathouse. 
A little liquid refreshment is served from the Boathouse. ..whether it is a "bar" 
or Hot Cider Bar,  Lemonade stand, or Hot Chocolate Bar, 
it is very inviting.

 Nearby is the bonfire pit for toasting s'mores 

Sitting around a bonfire by the lake, 
listening to the sounds of the night...what could be better?

   The handmade cedar boathouse is the authentic period correct building, housing 3 boats. 
 Honoring the past, yet perfect for today's entertaining, 
it captures the rustic spirit of the lake and surrounding woods. 


Our 1948 red Chevy truck holds wedding gifts on the tailgate.

Guests enjoy seeing the handmade canoes 
 now hanging up in the boathouse.  

The "Arkansas Traveler" wooden canoe has steamed wood ribs, 
in the antique and classic style of Old Town Canoes. 

The "Arkansas Traveler" on the right with Samuel and
 Buddy is in his "Strip Built Cedar" canoe, on the left.

Here Buddy works on the Arkansas Traveler  

Buddy and Samuel testing out the Arkansas Traveler on it's maiden voyage 

The Cedar Strip Built canoe

Our boats certainly get used !
Here the Dory boat is rowing bridesmaids to the altar. 

After a wedding ceremony, photos in the boats 
are romantic on the lake.

String lights around the Boathouse and in the trees...all lit up in the night

The Arkansas Traveler canoe hangs upside down over a French wine barrel.

The Boathouse is a perfect spot for an Instagram photo. 
Stand behind the truck door. 

The Boat House sign hangs overhead and 
is made from fallen wood on the property. 

My Daddy's 1954, Martin boat motor hangs in the boathouse...still in working order!

Come get a cup of hot cider from the Boathouse, and enjoy sitting around the bonfire.  
Thank you for visiting!