Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Pets In Your Wedding

            Pets are such a part of our family, that we cannot imagine celebrating with out them. They can play a part in your wedding, but require a bit of planning beforehand making sure both pets and people are all happy.  There are a lot of ways to involve your “family member” as a member of the wedding party, or just honored guest.
            If you are thinking about including your pet in your wedding, research your venue to see if pets are even allowed. Some venues, pets are just not appropriate as in houses of worship or fancy hotel ballrooms and may not be a viable option at all for wedding day. Even if your venue does allow pets, consider the personality of your pet. Loud music, large crowds, and unfamiliar people may all be upsetting and overwhelming. Animals that do not deal well with these conditions may not be the right guests to have at your wedding.
            Decide who will watch your pet at all times, if you do make the choice to have a pet at your wedding. A bride and groom will be too busy with many distractions to give undivided attention and a professional pet sitter may be needed. To look (and smell) their best, the pet will need to be taken to the groomer just before the event. Choose an appropriate pet wardrobe, as there is a world of wedding attire including bejeweled and bedazzled collars, leashes, bows and ties. Above all, make sure your pet is comfortable and safe with their new attire and don’t make them wear it any longer than necessary.
            If you cannot have your favorite pet at your wedding ceremony or reception, there are other ways to incorporate them into your event.  Talk to your photographer and find a location where pets will be accepted for a photo-shoot. An engagement photo with a pet may be top priority and the photos can be displayed at your reception for your guests to enjoy. By including a pet in an engagement photo-shoot, it involves fewer people, and a much less stressful environment for all.
            If your guests are animal lovers like you, give out pet friendly favors. An apple for horses, birdseed for the birds, or dog biscuit treats let your guests share in the joy with their own special loves.  My favorite - in lieu of handout favors, make a gift donation to an animal rescue organization …with a picture of your love in the display.
            Pets play an important role in our lives, and may be included in your big day if carefully considered.  After all, Love is a four-legged word!