Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Favorite Things - Ivy

For the love of IVY 
When you drive through our iron gates you'll notice the stately rock walls are covered in glossy deep rich leaf ivy. How appropriate for this outdoor wedding venue, for this is the year of Pantone, Emerald Green. The rich graceful ivy lends a lacy beauty to the mortar and rocks and is the perfect color for a trend setting Pantone Emerald Green wedding. So linked with ivy is good fortune and brides for centuries have laced it though their bouquets. For me, it has been a staple in urns and flower pots for there are so many different varieties of easy to grow,drought tolerant, pest resistant ivy. Needlepoint Ivy, English Ivy, Ballet Ivy or Duckfeet Ivy...each one is quite lovely in its own way. Ivy is perfect for use in weddings, for it's trailing characteristics are elegant in arrangements and bouquets. The one ivy I stay far away from is Poison Ivy which I can detect from a mile away!

Summer white hydrangeas and  white edged green ivy make for simple elegant flower arrangements in antique milk bottles.

The month of August brings the heat, but the ivy lends a coolness to the rock wall around our pool. Years ago, my husband and I planted "sprigs" of ivy from his mother's yard and oh my how it has grown!  "To every thing there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven." 
Ivy and vines represent fidelity, wedded love and friendship. Also, a sprig of ivy of white tendrils means that one is anxious to please, and symbolizes affection.
Ivy is an evergreen, and by this connection stands for eternity and life, for immortality.     Deep green English  Ivy surrounds the pool walls at Magnolia Hill.

In the cold of winter, ivy is an evergreen. In the summer perhaps Chalres Dickens said it best in his "song of the Ivy" from The Pickwick Papers: "Creeping on, where time has been. A rare old plant is the ivy green." 
 Here an elegant and romantic wedding hairstyle complete with ivy entwined.

Red roses and trendy Pantone emerald green ivy wedding cake.

...An elegant nod to the affection and love for Southern ivy at Magnolia Hill. 

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