Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Handmade With Love Wooden Canoe

For several years Buddy, my husband has traveled to
Maine to Wooden Boat School.  Since we live and work on a private lake,
a handmade wooden canoe just seemed right.

Now we have several canoes and they are enjoyed by many of our wedding guests. .
particularly if the groom decides to come to the altar via canoe.  

Now our son, Samuel has joined
with our love of handmade canoes and offers classes in building your own.
 In 5 days go from a pile of wood to a beautiful handcrafted canoe. 

A great class for you and a family member or friend 
to build your own wooden canoe right here
 in the heart of downtown Little Rock.

                                                        Samuel, Greg, Grizzly & Buddy Ellis 

With a little help from Greg, of Little Rock Boat Builders Supply 
for materials needed to build a wooden canoe...
and thanks to 4 legged Grizzly the Boat Building supervisor / greeter 
classes got off to a great start. 

So many folks walked in the class to watch and Grizzly greeted each one hoping for a treat.

It starts out with just a few pieces of wood....

Amazing how a boat goes from a few boards to a beautiful finished masterpiece.


Wooden boards Initially stitched together with copper wire

Adding a layer of fiberglass once the hull is stitched.

Adding a clear coat of Epoxy that is waterproof.

Lots of sanding 

Adding a few details 

yes, LOTS of clamps to curve the wood 

More planning and sanding.

Detail work on the bow of the canoe

Grizz, the supervisor was on hand at all times at Samuel's classes in the Rivermarket.

After only a week, these are the owners of a FINE HANDBUILT CANOE !

 Adding a clear coat of finish

and another clear coat of finish.

more sanding!

To Buddy's boat, so much sanding and 3 coats of finish

Buddy's boat, finally ready for the water
and perfect for this wedding day as used by the groom!

This week was the last week of boat building classes
that Buddy and Samuel Ellis instructed & held downtown
 in the River Market.

Watch and check with Rock Town River Outfitters  for the next
Wooden Boat Building session to be announced!

This is not a sponsored post as all opinions are my own.
Handmade is heartfelt....

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