Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Savor This Moment

Savor This Moment
 Embracing the special moments of Your Wedding Day
A sundown kiss  
“There are many wedding pictures that will catch your eye,
but only a few will tug on your heartstrings…look for those moments.”

A very special mother steps in for the "Father Daughter Dance" 

            Today I am sitting here waiting on a client to walk in my door and I will share my peach tea with her as we begin to plan her wedding.  The flowers, the cake, the dress, but there are a few things that will make this wedding different from any other. Ever.

             I love weddings and have my dream job as a planner for that special once in a lifetime day.  Weddings are such an affirmation and hope for the future …a lot goes into the planning of that day!  Social Media is full of wedding day visual decorating ideas, dress inspirations, hairstyles, color palettes, and tasty options for a reception.  As a wedding planner for over ten years, I have ten years worth of ideas as  a lot can be seen and noted, but not all treasured
memories can be pictured on Pinterest…some things are just felt with the heart.  
These are the things that only your wedding will possess.
The "we did it" moment walking back up the aisle is all smiles sweet holding hands!

 What is missing from all these resplendent Instagram and Pinterest ideas, is the heartfelt tangible sentiment that is the most important part of a wedding…things to make a wedding like no other…your wedding, your family, and your new husband!    I have been a silent witness to these sweet personal moments…sometimes tearstained; ideas that make wedding day, a wedding of their very own that is sentimental, meaningful and heartfelt.  

Revel in the fact that there has never been a wedding like yours
 and embrace just what will make it memorable.   Savor those moments.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Handmade With Love Wooden Canoe

For several years Buddy, my husband has traveled to
Maine to Wooden Boat School.  Since we live and work on a private lake,
a handmade wooden canoe just seemed right.

Now we have several canoes and they are enjoyed by many of our wedding guests. .
particularly if the groom decides to come to the altar via canoe.  

Now our son, Samuel has joined
with our love of handmade canoes and offers classes in building your own.
 In 5 days go from a pile of wood to a beautiful handcrafted canoe. 

A great class for you and a family member or friend 
to build your own wooden canoe right here
 in the heart of downtown Little Rock.

                                                        Samuel, Greg, Grizzly & Buddy Ellis 

With a little help from Greg, of Little Rock Boat Builders Supply 
for materials needed to build a wooden canoe...
and thanks to 4 legged Grizzly the Boat Building supervisor / greeter 
classes got off to a great start. 

So many folks walked in the class to watch and Grizzly greeted each one hoping for a treat.

It starts out with just a few pieces of wood....

Amazing how a boat goes from a few boards to a beautiful finished masterpiece.


Wooden boards Initially stitched together with copper wire

Adding a layer of fiberglass once the hull is stitched.

Adding a clear coat of Epoxy that is waterproof.

Lots of sanding 

Adding a few details 

yes, LOTS of clamps to curve the wood 

More planning and sanding.

Detail work on the bow of the canoe

Grizz, the supervisor was on hand at all times at Samuel's classes in the Rivermarket.

After only a week, these are the owners of a FINE HANDBUILT CANOE !

 Adding a clear coat of finish

and another clear coat of finish.

more sanding!

To Buddy's boat, so much sanding and 3 coats of finish

Buddy's boat, finally ready for the water
and perfect for this wedding day as used by the groom!

This week was the last week of boat building classes
that Buddy and Samuel Ellis instructed & held downtown
 in the River Market.

Watch and check with Rock Town River Outfitters  for the next
Wooden Boat Building session to be announced!

This is not a sponsored post as all opinions are my own.
Handmade is heartfelt....

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Snow Ice Cream

I have always been an ice cream girl...vanilla. ice. cream.  Winter, summer, spring or fall, I love ice cream. On of my favorite memories growing up was that of my mother making snow ice cream.  She would bring a dishpan of fresh made snow ice cream out onto the front porch where we children were building our snowman...and hand out spoons.

 I know much of the country is socked in and here in the south we do not have snow very often, 
but I want to be ready when we do! 
 With a 4 year old who has not see much snow, 
I think this will be a favorite memory too....

1 large bowl of snow....about 10 cups
1 can of sweetened condensed milk
1 teaspoon vanilla
Mix all together and serve immediately.

that's all! 

So simple, so delicious...I think you will be surprised how it looks like traditional ice cream but tastes even better. 

Just be cautious when gathering snow, gather fresh clean snow. Don't dig too deeply and gather your snow from an area that is out in the open away from any bushes or trees. 

I like mine, plain vanilla, but you can add marshmallows or sprinkles. 

A fire is roaring in the fireplace so let the first snowflake fall. I am ready for a walk to the bridge and snow ice cream ! 

"The whole earth is full of His glory."  Isaiah 6:3

Monday, December 10, 2018

A Little Bit of Christmas

After I finally thawed out from the cold this weekend, 
I wanted to share a glimpse of our Christmas decor. 
 So many families came for pictures with our red truck
 and enjoyed a sunshine but COLD day.

Lori Sparkman Photography

This sweet fellow just melts my heart!

100 years...that is how old we are!  

Driving through the front gates, Miss Magnolia wears her winter scarf.

Several of the families that came for pictures had been married here. 

The boat house wears twinkle lights all year long.

Buddy kept a roaring bonfire for us to warm up by.

The "Wedding Crashers" had to swim 
and check out the Christmas tree in the wooden dory boat.

The red tuck looks so cheery with Christmas lights. 

We have wedding planning meetings during the holidays, 
so the front porch is decked out and ready for guests. 

The kitchen gets a splash of Christmas too.

One hundred years ago, kitchens were rather small. 
As if stepping back in time, 
our kitchen is all original.
Since we are on the Historic Register it still seems to work. 

Silver gets a fresh polish this time of year.

The breakfast table window is filled with photos from Christmas past. 

Most family and friends
 come in our laundry room door on the back porch, 
so we have a splash of Santa there too. 

The wooden  Christmas tree filled with suckers is from my children's past 
and now gets to be enjoyed by their little ones. 

My vintage Santa mugs are perfect for this little table....It stays ready for a party!

More family photos this afternoon..not quite so cold and the sun is shining! 
 This wonderful old estate is made to share the past with the present. 

I will be ready to warm up by a cozy fire again tonight! 
Thanks for stopping by...
 Hope you all are enjoying this Christmas season !