Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Saturday, September 11, 2021

Wooden Handmade Canoes of Magnolia Hill

Handmade Canoes 

If anyone visits Magnolia Hill, we usually get asked about 
the wooden boats as we walk around the lake. 

Buddy, my husband has made all our wooden boats. 
This boat we named "Arkansas Traveler"
 with its' beautiful steamed & curved wooden ribs. 

Here is a cedar strip built canoe. 
Each board was applied by much work! 
He is like an artist except he paints with wood. 
Behind it is our Dory boat that is perfect 
for pictures with a bride and groom.

For several years, Buddy has gone to Wooden Boat School
 in Maine to learn this craft.
One year our two sons went too as they 
both love woodworking. 
It was a memorable Father -Son working adventure. 

This canoe is called the Sassafras. 
It sits beautifully on the water and glides easily. 

Before Buddy builds a boat, he is inspired by his surroundings. 
Each boat is handcrafted and treasured by our family.
 It is such a joy when we see them on the water. 

I have learned to love the smell of sawdust!

Especially in the fall, so peaceful on the water.

Wedding photos in the boats are especially romantic. 

The boathouse covers the boats and 
helps keep them clean when not in use. 

Buddy built the boat house too from
 fallen trees that we had after a storm.

Looking for a bit of inspiration in building
 for the woodworker in your life?  
Here are some of Buddy's favorite 
instructional books that we have in our library....
anyone who loves woodworking 
would love one of these books.  

A little early Christmas shopping 
for the woodworker in your family...
handmade canoe paddles 
are a nice beginner project. 

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  1. Your canoes are beautiful! and oh my those wedding photos. just lovely. I see you're in Little Rock. It's so gorgeous there in the Fall!

  2. So funny, Alda, my husband was just saying he wanted to build a canoe, tonight!! No kidding. We're very familiar with WoodenBoat, we used to get their magazine. In the late 90's my husband built a wooden kayak from plans and a kit he found through them. Great timing...I'm going to send him your post right now!!