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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Gooey Marshmallow S'mores with Chocolate

A fireside gathering with 


 The most iconic fall dessert 

to honor a season of cozy fall...
Homemade gooey Marshmallow S'mores with Chocolate! 


S'mores laughs, 

S’more hugs, 

S’more kisses, 

S’more falling in love, 

S’more time together,

S’more memories to make,

But most of all

we are happiest to say

we have S’more

friends and family 

to love today !

Near the Boathouse, our bonfire pit 
is at the waters edge.   
The picturesque setting is 
ready for friends and family
 to gather round a crackling campfire.

Toasting marshmallows 
ready for s'mores
 is a tried and true way
 to enjoy a crisp fall evening. 

Once the sun goes down, the bonfire goes up!

The view from the fire includes the Boathouse 
built from reclaimed wood and 
covering Buddy's handmade wooden canoes. 
  Ready for a fireside gathering 
and a cozy evening with the flavors of fall. 

Sitting pretty...
Overlooking the lake,  white Adirondack chairs 
circled around the fire awaiting the stars to come out. 
I cannot tell you how much I enjoy 
sitting here around the fire wrapped up in a 

For years, Buddy and I have enjoyed fall entertaining.
 Our Fall Fling party was a memory for young 
and old alike when 
Buddy brought out the hay wagon.
 Full of hay and giggling children,  
a bumpy ride through the woods 
after dark was fun for all ages.  

A sweet treat with a 
warm chocolate center 
makes a decadent finale
 to an autumn evening.

Enjoy your fall Ya'll ! 
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  1. You styled this party to perfection! I would love to be one of your guests and enjoy a s'more while sitting by the fire.

  2. I’m headed your way for s’mores! What a wonderful time…perfect!

  3. This looked like so much fun. Beautiful images you shared too!

  4. Hi Alda, your blog and photos are so lovely! Smores and a bonfire are one of my favorite fall activities! Thanks so much for leaving a comment the other day on my post about my Holiday Cupboard. I tried to email you back, but like so many of us, we have a "no reply" so I hope you don't mind me leaving my reply here on your latest post...
    "Hi Alda, thankyou so much. Your kind words mean a lot today, as sometimes people say hurtful things that undermine our blogging intentions. Knowing that you enjoy seeing those little sheep and care enough to say so in a kind comment made my day. God uses small things to bless us. Have a wonderful week, hugs coming back to you! xo"
    I'm adding your blog to my bloglist and became a follower on your IG account. Thanks for sharing your beautiful world.

  5. I've only ever had smores ones in my life - when we lived in Canada we went to stay at a cottage on the lake. Our cottage neighbours got together with us in the evening and we made smores by the fire. It's not a New Zealand thing to do but I might just have to introduce it.

  6. Wow...I don't know what looks better, the s'mores or the setting. So lovely!

  7. Oh my gosh, is there anything better than a s'more?! Well, yes! S'mores in this gorgeous setting. I'm coming over! xo

  8. Oh gosh! So much fun! I so love everything you did and wish I was there!