Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll

Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Monday, August 5, 2019

The Charm of a Bridal Portrait

Perhaps nothing expresses a brides style more than the dress
she wears on her wedding day.
A wedding portrait to be shared at the wedding reception
gives a glimpse of the next chapter in her life.

No more cold studio shots, photographers are
taking a step back in time with the outdoors as their background.

Drew Cason photography
 Sophisticated and elegant,
Here is an outdoor album with just such ideas for a portrait....

So many choices bedazzle the bride but when her eyes fall
on the perfect dress, she feels confident in her choice.
Ashley Murphy images
A romantic lace dress and abundant bouquet
is all that is needed for a portrait in our vintage carriage.

Lance Shingleur Photography

This classic train of the dress is showcased against the stillness of the lake.

Of course the groom is not allowed to see the dress before the wedding,
but it is most helpful
to have the hands of mother or a treasured friend
 for a bit of assistance dressing for the portrait session.

Once the dress has been final fitted  a bit before the wedding day
is time to make the portrait appointment .

Edwardian inspired outdoor photography
 depends on the weather...not rainy, but not too sunny.
A good photographer knows the perfect lighting.

Ashley Diggs photography

A glimpse of a brides personality shines
 through the portrait with their love of horses. 

Gorgeous smile and a strand of pearls...
A portrait is a good time to try the perfect
 hairstyle and makeup for wedding day.

A sweet glimpse of things to come
on wedding day
with Blue,
our French Percheron horse.

A look of English nobility with this
small side chair portrait underneath draping trees.

A look that appeals to brides with the water and floral decor on the  boat. 

Any bride can tell you that they never felt more radiant
than in their wedding dress
surrounded by roses and draping greenery.

The sweet personality comes out of the bride
when animals are in the background of this swooping lace gown
with tiny covered buttons dressing the back.

Delilah, our English Suffolk horse closes her eyes
 when she gets a kiss from a bride who loves horses.

Magic in the garden when this bride lifts her bow
eyes her aim
 and showcases her archery skills.

Step into the garden with our ivy clad garden wall
for a memorable classic clean and elegant portrait.

Hollywood glam in this portrait looks
as if straight from a movie.

A simple walk through the woods on a richly shaded trail
with the textures of a lace gown
 is the 18th century blending of earth and nature.

This is a wonderful time in life, showcase all the smiles of the wedding to come.

"Every girl has a fantasy of elegance 
And there is a moment when it comes true."
                                                           - Jessica McClintock

Blessings on your day,

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

You're Engaged! Now what?

Sometimes it happens when you least expect it, 
or maybe you had a "feeling" but one day the love of your life asks you to marry him,
 he puts a ring on your finger, and you are engaged!

 It is especially wonderful if Mr. Right 
has planned a surprise engagement for just the two of you.


with a little planning, a photographer can be close by when needed.

And then there is the moment you want to share it 
with friends and especially your family. 

Most fathers like it if they are "asked"
 for his daughter's hand in marriage. 
It is an old tradition but still quite beloved. 


It is always nice if you can take a bit of time
 and let the commitment "sink in" 
.... just enjoy the process of things to come. 

 cayley shields photography

Always let those closest to you know of your excitement... .  It is rather 
heartbreaking sometimes if they "hear" of your 
news through the grapevine 
or through social media. 

Start thinking of a "season" that you want to get married for the actual 
date will depend upon the dates 
that are available of a venue you have your heart set upon.

One of the first things people ask, "when is the wedding"?  

Don't rush on a date, it may vary, depending on
when a convenient date for those closest to you 
or that you need IN your wedding .

Right after you are engaged, start thinking of an Engagement Photo session. 
Let a photographer capture the magic of the moment
 at this time of your life.

We love engagement photo sessions for they are so sweet to 
play and laugh as you celebrate together.

These photos will most likely be useful in "Save the Date" cards 
once a date has been nailed down.  

Guests will love seeing pictures of the two of you displayed at your reception. 

A favorite picture may be enlarged, framed and useful on the 
Guest Book Table 

This is such a special time, that maybe you want to have 
a book of pictures for a keepsake. It may be used for a guestbook 
if blank space is left for guests to sign. 

On picture day, bring a couple of outfits for you both to change in, 
depending on the mood of your it casual or semi formal. 

                                                                                                       Benjamin Martin photography

A good photographer will capture the sweet spirit of the moment.

Any season is fine for an Engagement shoot, but I have to say, 
Fall is my favorite. 

Fall is perfect for boots and sweaters.

Sometimes "Family"members join in the picture

"Now at last they were 
beginning Chapter One 
of the Great Story
no one on earth 
has ever read,
which goes on forever;
in which every chapter is better
than the one before."
                        - C.S. Lewis

We have so many colorful trees around the lake in the fall 

The woods, fields and lake is so pretty in the fall air.

The lake and boats are most romantic...

and I saved a surprise for last...this couple decided
 to "jump in the lake" with a PLANNED canoe roll.

 The water was cold 
but it captured a most memorable kiss!

Enjoy your time of Engagement, and plan for a fabulous memory
...with your love of a lifetime. 

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Summer Garden

Hello everyone, It is a beautiful sunny day here today 
 and I am enjoying a few fresh flowers in my garden walk this morning.  
Zinnias seem t be blooming like crazy in their bright summer colors.   Hummingbirds love the bright colors but I can't seem to catch one still long enough to snap a picture.  Zinnias are always a staple in my garden for it is the memory of my grandmother's garden full of zinnias against her white picket fence,  that I treasure.

Ever wonder what to do with all those slivers of soap leftover besides just 
throwing them away?  I slip thin slivers 
into an old worn sock , tie a knot and then 
tie it to my water spigot outside. It is a convenient
way of washing hands after gardening. 
It is always nice to have a place to sit and enjoy the sounds of the water fountain.  

"I like to think of nature as an unlimited radio station 
through which God speaks to us every hour,
 if we will only  tune in."  _George Washington Carver
Kind hearts are the gardens. 
Kind thoughts are the roots.
Kind words are the flowers.
Kind deeds are the fruit.
Take care of the gardens, 
and keep them from weeds.
Fill, fill them with flowers, 
kind words and kind deeds.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Hydrangeas bloom and are perfect for cut flowers ..

"more than anything, I must have flowers, always, always."
-Claude Monet

Just a few photos from my patio

and visiting  with a few friends.

Coming in the house I put a few roses by the kitchen sink. 
I hope you are enjoying these beautiful summer days too!  

blessings always, 

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