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Vintage Southern Weddings at Magnolia HIll
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Thursday, April 9, 2020

Vintage Easter Bunny Hop

Since this year we are all sheltering in place 
I am sad there will not be any little people 
coming through my back door on Easter 
with a loud "Hi Happy!"
  (that is what I am called by the two
 most important little people in my life... ages 2 and 5!) 

Bunnies came out of storage 
and they are all around the house.

 Thank goodness, right after Valentines day 
I started pulling out the bunnies for an Easter Party.

And Little velvet chicks....

 Easter candies and marshmallow bunnies 
appeared on the table and quickly disappeared
 when the little boys were able to come
 before the crisis. 

 They loved the cutest bunny teapot 

 The Easter basket was mine that my mother 
had saved and perfect for felt bunnies 
and marshmallow suckers.

 A velvet bunny in the kitchen...

Staying so close to home, and sheltering in place, 
I can still hop down the bunny trail 
as bunnies carry their baskets full of roses 
and share some Easter inspiration. 

Have you every read the book,
 The Little Rabbit Who Wanted Red Wings ?  
You know how some books that your mother read to you
as a little child just touch you and stay with you forever?
I loved the message that there is only one of "You" .

I thought you might enjoy 
a bit of a "Bunny Hop" 
as they have hopped all over the house.

 Easter Sunday will mark one month 
since we've been sheltered here. 
I know some of you have been confined
 to your homes even longer than that.  

And yet there still seems to be signs of hope

 all around--in the faces of the heroic first responders
 and health professionals working extra-hard.

Some of my most favorite bunnies and eggs 
are in the dining room and help to make your home 
 places of grace even while you're stuck in them. 

 Beaded eggs by Katherine's Collection 
 fill a crystal bowl. 

 A favorite velvet bunny
 and his little chocolate friend. 

 A framed vintage postcard 
from my postcard collection circa 1906
 displayed with white velvet bunnies.

 The teapot lamp brightens 
a corner of the dining room. 

 Of course not real chocolate bunnies, 
but they sure do tempt little boys!

We will just have to wait until next year 
for the big egg hunt, 
but I hope you can celebrate Easter or Passover 
with those you love 
even from afar...or by Zoom, 
or Facetime...or simply the phone. 

I hope you are all okay, I hope those you love
are safe and well, and I hope you’re 
weathering this storm with your family. 
What an unprecedented time.   

Wishing you a joy-filled weekend ...hugs! 

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I enjoyed the journey!

    1. Thank you so much Brenda! Sending love and hugs to you and your family